About Us

Lesley Lucas

We are Gary and Lesley Lucas, we purchased the the Apartments and 28 site Campervan Park (as well as their private house) in September of 2013. Gary is a Kiwi, Lesley a PoMe (prisoner of Mother England). They both trained in hotel management, Gary travelled to the UK on his OE  where he met Lesley whilst working in a hotel.

25 years later, after developing and building a conference venue finding and event management business (which they still operate, they decided to emigrate back to Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud; and were drawn to the Bay of Islands for the opportunities the area offers both for business, as well as pleasure – and don’t forget the weather!

So far they are loving the challenges in further developing the new venture – they even get to go out on the Bay boating occasionally.

Gary and Lesley are supported by Dave and John, two ‘local lads’, who go a great job in the building and maintenance of the land and buildings. Plants grow like mad here in the sub-tropical atmosphere. As long as Rex their Norwegian Elkhound dog stays in the cool they are happy too – there’s not much snow here in the North.


The property has historically had very strong ties in the local Maori community, with the previous owners developing the land and buildings over a 20 year period.

Previously known as Waiora (Healing Waters) Apartments and Olive Grove Campervan Park, the land in the hills and valley behind us are still held in their family trust and the campervan park is leased from them.


We welcome well-behaved pets in our apartments and campervan park.

Lesley and Gary are privileged to share their time with Rex and Spot, their Norwegian Elkhound dog and bitsa cat, and so know what fun it is to be able to share a holiday with them.

All they ask is that you look after them and respect the property and fellow guests. There is plenty of space and even grazing for a horse or two by prior arrangement.

If you need Pet Day Care or an Overnight Kennels – Bears Pet Care owner Kaye comes highly recommend: www.bearspetcare.weebly.com